In Thailand they celebrate the start of the year 2555, here in windy Belgium it’s just 2012. Like a big part of the other blogs I will make a little roundup of 2011. The last year was a great year: moving to Ghent with I. and my hamster, trying to explain the importance of history to children and last but not least the birth of Hot Cuisine de Pierre.

Talking, writing and reading about food became a hobby. Two hobbies, photography and cooking, melted together and Hot Cuisine de Pierre was born. The first three months of Hot Cuisine de Pierre were great: a lot of positive comments, a still growing number of followers and every week at least one new blog post.

This post will be number 25. This year I am 25 years. The childhood is gone, for me, but also for Hot Cuisine. Over or not, I will still be taking the life with a wink, just like Hot Cuisine will do with blogging. It’s not a baby anymore, neither a toddler, but Hot Cuisine has to become adult. People ask sometimes: what’s your goal with the blog?  I didn’t know for longtime, but for 2012 I have some goals.

– The main goal stays “a blend of good recipes and nice pictures”. A lot of blogs have nice recipes, but bad pictures. A lot of blogs have nice pictures, but no recipes. Hot Cuisine de Pierre has to be the fusion: good and clear recipes, nice and tasteful pictures. If you’re reading the blog, you have to get hungry.

–  I want to become better known in Belgium. I don’t want to write down a certain number of followers or readers, but I just want “foodies” to know my blog.

– The only number I want to write down, is two posts a week. It was a goal in october 2012, and it’s still the goal.

This are my 3 goals for 2012, I hope I can achieve them. And Thai or not, 2012 or 2555, it doesn’t matter, whatever will be will be.