Thursday evening, that’s cooking course time. After one week of holiday I went back to Spermalie to learn some new things. And new things we learned. (click on the picture to see a bigger one)

The evening started with a “Bisque” of crayfish with a satay of lemongrass and langoustine**

**Bisque is a kind of soup made of everything of the shrimps, lobster or crayfish.

The main dish:

“Poulet de Bresse” with orange sauce, fennel and “pommes Dauphinois”

The Bisque was very good, but this dish was delicious. I really like this kind of chicken. The “Poulet de Bresse” is a special kind of chicken. Learn about the “Poulet de Bresse” (in french)


The dessert: Tarte Tatin

A little bit more about “poulet de Bresse”