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Cooking Course part …

Yesterday, like every thursday evening, i went to the cooking course at Spermalie in Ghent. For the first time it was a 3 - 0 victory for the chef René De Baets. We made 3 very nice dishes. This is my opinion of course. What did we make? 1. Mousse of soft goat's cheese with Ganda ham, prawns and honey vinaigrette This dish was so good and... Read more →
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Cooking course: the 4th evening

Yesterday was a thursday evening and as you know, thursday evening is "cooking course evening". Maybe last night you couldn't sleep, 'cause you were wondering "what did Pierre make?". Well, have a look at pictures and you will have the answer. A fennel soup with frog's legs and Ricard Yes, i know it... I'm sorry for all the... Read more →
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Cooking course: the third evening

As you maybe know, i'm following a cooking course at Spermalie Cooking School in Ghent. One of our chefs is René De Baets. Every week, on thursday evening, we make a starter, a soup and a main dish. Sometimes, like yesterday, we make a dessert instead of a starter. For the first time i took my (old) camera with me. I will put the recipes... Read more →