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Spermalie, first Thursday of 2012

Friends, followers, foodies, My last post is already 3 weeks ago, but in the meantime there happened a lot. Nicolas S. and Angela M. tried to save the E.U., the first pre-election started in the U.S.A., a New Zealand ship broke apart, some journalists got shot in Syria and Michelle Obama acted in iCarly. Beside that, also 2012 started, a... Read more →


Dear follower, friends and cooks, I'm still working on a new blog post, but the post has to wait a little bit. Tomorrow I'm going to this place. The next two weeks I will stay in a country full of spicy food, a country with a king with a very difficult name, a country with very nice beaches and cultural locations: Thailand. But,... Read more →
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The last two of 2011

Two weeks ago we made a delicious bouillabaisse with fresh fish. We had to clean and prepare redfish, cod, prawns, scallops, mussels, gurnard and monkfish. A bouillabaisse is a kind of French clear soup with spices and vegetables. We learned a lot about fish and it was a really delicious bouillabaisse. Thx Chef Timothy. Last Thursday... Read more →
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Cooking course 1/12/11

Again 3-0 for chef René D and Spermalie. 3 small appetizers: easy to make, but very tasteful 1. a small roll of smoked salmon and homemade herb butter 2.  deep-fried shrimps with feta and olives 3. little basket with escargots and mushrooms more pictures of the appetizers (click) Main dish: Saddle of hare with pistachios, clementine... Read more →
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Cooking course: 3 – 0

Yesterday, it was Spermalie time again. And what an evening! After we prepared, cooked and ate everything, we, with all the members agreed: "this was the best evening since the beginning of the lessons." The 3 delicious dishes were sometimes easy to make and with a good looking plate, sometimes hard to make and very tasteful. Starter 1:... Read more →
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A Thursday evening and a Cooking Course

Thursday evening, that's cooking course time. After one week of holiday I went back to Spermalie to learn some new things. And new things we learned. (click on the picture to see a bigger one) The evening started with a "Bisque" of crayfish with a satay of lemongrass and langoustine** **Bisque is a kind of soup made of everything of... Read more →


a “fantastic” product review

A product review Today i bought a new tool to use in the kitchen. Nothing special, but after using it one time I liked it already. My chef of the cooking course at Spermalie told me about it. I'm talking about a thermometer. Not just one that you need, when you are sick, but one you can use in the kitchen. I bought it in a small Swedish... Read more →
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Cooking Course part …

Yesterday, like every thursday evening, i went to the cooking course at Spermalie in Ghent. For the first time it was a 3 - 0 victory for the chef René De Baets. We made 3 very nice dishes. This is my opinion of course. What did we make? 1. Mousse of soft goat's cheese with Ganda ham, prawns and honey vinaigrette This dish was so good and... Read more →
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Cooking course: the 4th evening

Yesterday was a thursday evening and as you know, thursday evening is "cooking course evening". Maybe last night you couldn't sleep, 'cause you were wondering "what did Pierre make?". Well, have a look at pictures and you will have the answer. A fennel soup with frog's legs and Ricard Yes, i know it... I'm sorry for all the... Read more →