Tuesday evening is cooking evening. Yesterday the Spermalie crew arrived at the second stop. You probably will remember the liftoff last week. If you don’t, you can read the report of the launch here. (Link: the launch)

We made again three delicious dishes. The making of the first dish was real entertainment. We made this dish with living crayfish (Dutch: rivierkreeft). Of course we killed them by cooking them in a “court-bouillon”. The result was an Oriental salad with soja, cucumber and crayfish and a sauce of sesame oil. According to me, there was a little bit too much sesame oil. That was the only remark. The dish was really fresh and easy to make.

The main dish was duck. We prepared it with honey, carrots and spring onions and a – again – splendid sauce of balsamic vinegar and homemade calf stock. We also made little potato pancakes. The carrots were caramelized with a bit of sugar, delicious. The meat was also perfectly cooked and really tender. Also the pancakes were lovely. A great dish…again.

As dessert we made a little pie with a peach and frangipane (almond cake) in puff pastry. We served it with raspberry cream and ice cream of Cuberdon. Cuberdons are a typical kind of Belgian sweets. More information: Cuberdon. The cream was, just like the ice cream, lovely. There wasn’t enough frangipane dough in the pie, so you didn’t really tasted it. The plate maybe looks a bit weird, but it was ok.

Looking forward to Planet Spermalie 2.3!