Times flies when you’re having fun. Yesterday, it was already my third evening of the second year. According to me it was also the best evening. If you compared it with what we made the last two times, we made the best dishes yesterday. Here’s what we prepared.

The first dish was a starter. We made candied tomatoes with deep-fried basil, an olive roll and Parmesan cheese ice cream. For the first time, I really liked the presentation. It’s an easy, but good-looking dish and the Parmesan cheese ice cream gives it a higher degree of difficulty. It’s still not a lot of work, though. It’s a dish I certainly will make. It’s fresh, light and healthy.

Our main dish was rabbit fillet with sesame, a vegetable satay and a sauce of Banyuls wine. Banyuls wine is a kind of French apéritif or dessert wine, similar to that used to make Port. I had to remove the membranes of the rabbit fillet. Damn, that was hard to do. It’s really not my cup of tea. Then I crumbed the rabbit with flour, egg white, sesame seeds and panko bread crumbs. We served it with fried potatoes. It was a splendid meal, with according to me a bit too much sesame flavor.

A fresh dessert was our last dish. “Marinated red fruit with lemon verbena, Passoa and a granita of champagne”, was what we made. Lemon verbena is a kind of herb and they use the leaves. We made a syrup of Passoa in which we marinated the red fruit. This was served with a granita, made of Champagne and lemon zest. It was a perfect dish to finish this great evening.

The score for this evening: 3-0 for chef Jurgen. Looking forward to our stop on Planet 4. If you want to know what I made on my other stops, you can find them here: Evening 1 and Evening 2.