Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah. Make you wanna move your dancing feet now. Before you can dance, you have to eat something, that’s for sure. Something that’s not too heavy, something that gives you a summer feeling in your mouth and something that makes your salivary glands go nuts. The dish I made last night is something that makes you wanna dance and that makes your glands go wild. An extra advantage is that it doesn’t take so long to cook it.

What do you need? (4 serves) 400 gr tagliatelle, 1 mango, half a cucumber, 2 Tsp fresh mint, 2 Tsp fresh coriander, pepper, salt, 150 gr crayfish, 12 shrimps gambas, cayenne pepper, 4 Tsp mayonaise (homemade, if you have time), 1,5 Tsp ketchup, 1,5 Tsp Olive oil, Half a Tsp. paprika, 1 Tsp vinegar

Chop the cucumber and mango in brunoise. Also chop the mint and coriander. Mix these things with the crayfish.  In the meanwhile, bring water to the boil and cook the pasta. When the pasta is ready, give it a bloody cold shower. The pasta will not stick together. I also like a lukewarm pasta salad more when it’s hot outside. Mix pepper, salt, cayenne pepper, olive oil, paprika, ketchup, mayonaise and vinegar. Taste and spice the dressing with more pepper, salt or cayenne pepper.

Take a pan and add some olive oil. Cook the gambas. I bought already marinated gambas at my fishmongers store. They were marinated in spicy lobster spices. For the readers of Ghent, Huyze Paelinck is the name of my fishmongers store. If you want to do it by yourself, just look on internet. There are dozens of recipes online. Fry the shrimps a couple of minutes in the oil. When ready, take a plate. Place the pasta on the plate, then a little bit of the mango and cucumber mix, then a  bit of the dressing and end up with the gambas.

Enjoy your dinner! You are ready to dance!