It’s been a while since I wrote something. My apologies, but it’s been busy, very busy. I was temporarily unemployed in April. I applied for two jobs. One as a teacher in Dutch for foreign teenagers (refugees, children of foreign employees, …) and one as project assistant

in a company that organises the “Week of the Taste”. Unfortunately, I ended up on the second place for that last one. Fortunately, I ended up on the first place for the first job. So the third of May, I started  again as a teacher. A new school, new rules, a new course and new students makes it a very busy time for me. Now, I finally found time to write you an update of my cooking experiences.

April has been a great month.

– I participated to the Foodblogevent, a tiny little competition between food bloggers of the Low Countries. (link)

– I made my first “almost perfect” 5-course menu for 7 guests (link)

– I won a gift coupon for “De Pastorale” (link)

– I organized together with a friend a great sports and food event: The Tour of Flanders (link)

– I went to Barcelona (link)

– I still went to Spermalie (link)

I admit, in April, I had a lot of time, that meant a lot of posts. Fortunately, my activity resulted in a lot of visitors. Thanks to the almost 1500 visitors. I’ll try to do my best to keep on posting a blend of great pictures and delicious recipes. I can tell you already that the second half of May will bring you a lot of delicious news and challenges. A friend asked me to do some home cooking on her birthday party. I organise a picnic on a secret location with fresh and local ingredients in the context of Food Revolution Day. I’m invited to an exclusive event for bloggers and I’m nominated for Teacher of The Year (together with 199 others, but still …). May will be a great month.

I still own you some pictures of my last cooking course.

Thanks to René De Baets we made:

– a Bisque of Fresh Belgian Shrimps

– King Crab with avocado and Sherry

– Redfish with shrimps, fried aspergus, tomato sauce and sabayon of Sushi Vinegar

– a Fruit pie with banana cream