“The end is near” is something a tribe from South-America said 1000 years ago. Unfortunately, this is true. At least, if you talk about my cooking course. Still to evenings are waiting me. In fact, I have only one evening left. I can’t go to the last one, because of something else. More information will be released on the evening before that day. Enough about the future. So Thursday, I went back to Spermalie. We made a soup, a starter and a main dish.

The first dish was a shrimp and lobster bisque. My opinion? It’s easy, if you want to make your lobster stock fresh it’s a lot of work, but it’s always a winner.

The starter was “Aspergus à la Maltaise“. You have three famous ways of cooking aspergus: à la Flamande, à la Hollandaise and à la Maltaise. This last one is unknown. I have to admit that I didn’t know it. However it was a very good, easy-to-make and delicious starter.

The last one was my favorite dish of the evening. We made (and ate) dover sole with “pommes anna”, a white sauce and “tomato and leek fondue”. You have to admit that it looks very nice, isn’t? I admit that it’s the not the most healthy dish, but who cares of it looks and tastes great?

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