All good things come to an end, as you know. So, also my year at Spermalie came to an end. Last Thursday, I went to my last cooking course. Next Thursday, there is the real last cooking course. Unfortunately, I can’t go. I have something else to do. It’s an offer or a chance that I couldn’t refuse. So, be sure you visit my blog on Friday.

Also last Thursday I had a problem. My girlfriend and I had to go to the bank at 8pm, so I had to choose between no cooking course or just half of the cooking course. Half a loaf is better than none. So I went first to the Spermalie, went to the bank and came back to Spermalie. Luckily, I was just on time for the last two dishes. On the 7th of June, our chefs will cook for us at Spermalie in Bruges. The chefs, with the support of students of the ” Become-chef-in-one-year-course”, will prepare a 4-course menu. Really looking forward to that evening.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you pictures of all the dishes of last Thursday. Someone else took a picture of the starter and I took some pictures of the dessert. Remember, “Half a loaf is … .” The starter was Aspergus with shrimps and a ginger sauce. I can only so you a picture, because I didn’t taste it. They told me that it was very good and especially the green pepper coulis.

I was just on time to eat the main dish, but didn’t have time to take a picture of it. I preferred a mildly warm dish and no picture than a picture and a cold dish. The main dish was Guinea Fowl Brussels chicory and nectarine. It tasted and looked really good, believe me.

The dessert were three little dishes:

  1. Crème brulée with lemon balm (Dutch: citroenmelisse)
  2. A soup of oranges and kardemom with brunoise of exotic fruit and berries and chocolate cream. 
  3. Rhubarb sorbet with sabayon of strawberry liquor and strawberries. 
It was again a great dessert. Easy to make, a pleasure for the eye and taste explosion in my mouth, just like we love it.
This was not the last post about Spermalie. I promise you the report of the 7th of June and a summary with the best dishes and the best pictures.