More than 260 years ago, François Boch set up a pottery company with his three sons in a tiny French village, called Audun Le Tiche. On 14 April 1836, the Jean François Boch company merged with that of a competitor, Nicolas Villeroy, and became Villeroy & Boch. This company is now one of the leading companies of tableware, pottery and ceramics in the world. Since last week they have a brand new flagship store in Brussels, Belgium. FINN, a marketing company, invited me to have a look at the new store. Compared to the old shop, there is more light, more space and a better overview. They even have a whole new corner with bathroom and kitchen accessories. Although there is an oversupply of nice tableware, I tried to make a selection of the products I really like. Here’s a short overview.

I liked the new collections “Anmut my color” and “Anmut Bloom” . These collections really offer you a range of possible combinations. The plates and cups give your house a warm and happy summer feeling.

I also noticed some white, very well designed plates. Besides that I also saw some beautiful glasses

Next to all the nice table- and glassware also the food was delicious. I loved this little tiny muffin.

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