Jack Dorsey once started with a little unknown company. Six years later the company has 600 employees and a value of 8 billion US dollar. Not bad, don’t you think? I’m talking about #Twitter. People tweet about their #live, about #politics, other about their #interests.

People tweet about #sports, #women, #cars, #food, #art and some people even tweet about #wine. Some of those people, who tweet about wine, organized already a couple of times an event called “winetwunch”. It’s a great concept. People, passionated about wine and Twitter, gather together in a good restaurant. You bring two bottles of a wine with you and you taste all the wines blind. Yesterday, there was again a winetwunch and I participated.

As I told you in an older post, I don’t know a lot about wine.(Macon: not only rally) In fact, I only know if the wine is red or white and if I like the wine or not. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to learn about wine. And yes, I learned a lot about wine. So here’s the report of “winetwunch #4”, from the point of view of a so-called “foodie” who doesn’t know anything about wine.  

We, 25 people, 23 wine experts and me with a friend, met at “Het land aan de Overkant”, a very nice restaurant in Leuven. (link: Het land aan de Overkant). The first question, people asked you, wasn’t “who are you?”, but “who are you on Twitter?”. Second question was “what do you do with wine?”. Strange questions to start with, I thought, but otherwise I wouldn’t be a winetwunch, I guess. 25 people, that means 25 different wines. An impressive amount of devine grape juice was waiting to be tasted by me, the foodie, who didn’t know anything about wine. Thanks to some very openminded and helpful experts next to me, I learned more and more after each wine.

It was amazing and impressive to see how easily some people could recognize a grape or a specific kind of wine. Sometimes they were wrong, but very often they were right. It was funny and a bit bizar at the same time to see how some people were tweeting and communicating with people at the table next to them. Sometimes I had the impression, and maybe that’s a wrong one, that some people forgot to enjoy their food. It’s a winetwunch of course. So the most important thing stays the wine, but we were in one of the best restaurants of Leuven. How is it possible that you put your dish aside to send a tweet first to the guy on the table next to you? Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t want to offend someone. This was just one fact. The biggest part did enjoy their food, I guess. And talking about the food, the food was great.

The menu

2 appetizers: asparagus and shrimps – a little quail salad

Starter: sardine, mint, yoghurt, tomato

Starter 2: haddock, sea aster (zeeaster), buttermilk

Main dish: lamb, ratatouille, Goat cheese

Dessert: strawberry, lemon balm (citroenmelisse), wild pepper

I really had a great evening. I ate great food, I met great people and I tasted some great wines. In totally, we tasted 9 white wines, 15 red wines and one dessert wine. It was very instructive to taste such a wide range of wines. We had wine from South-Africa, France, Spain, Sicily, Austria, Italy, Belgium and even China. Funny to see how most of the people thought the Chinese red wine was a French wine. It’s great to see how the opinions were so different. People discuss, share their opinions in the real (and virtual) world and it’s a perfect way to learn more about wine.

Thanks to @filipsalmon for the perfect organisation, Het Land aan de Overkant for the great food and location and all the people to bring their great wine. Looking forward to winetwunch #5.

 For an overview of all the wines, check @wijnblogbe, @sooo_bevine or one of the others. Normally, they will publish one, together with some pictures of wine.