Spermalie, sixth evening of 2012

You already now what I will write about. My Thursday evening, my cooking course, indeed. We have a new chef. We still have Rene De Baets, but the other one is replaced by a new one, Kurt Vandewalle. And yes, I admit, he’s good.

Soup of Jerusalem Artichokes with a spread of black olives

If you don’t know what Jerusalem Artichokes are, have a look at this blog post.

Starter: Monkfish with a sauce of cider and periwinkles

Damn, I liked that sauce. A delicious dish, again.

Main dish: Pigeon with gingerbread, carrot and pommes “Pont Neuf”

The new chef knows how to decorate a plate. It looked like a little painting, don’t you think? Also the taste was ok. The only problem is that it’s so much work to make and prepare the dish and to decorate the plate. So I don’t think I will make it at home.

You can find more pictures of the main dish on Flickr.