A sweet potato and carrot soup

One of my “culinary goals” for 2012 is to organise a kind of “living room-restaurant”. I make one menu with three or four courses, wine included. Six or maximum eight people can come and have diner. Before I organise this kind of meal for unknown people, I invite friends for what I call “a culinary try-out”. A couple of weeks ago I organised a try-out and some friends played my guests. As a starter I made a soup of sweet potato and carrot, served with a rabbit satay with some oriental spices.

What do you need? soup: 1,5 liter of vegetable stock, 1 teaspoon of ginger, 1 clove of garlic,  1 pepper, 2 teaspoons of coriander seeds, 500 grams of sweet potatoes, 400 grams carrots, 1 onion. Rabbit satay: 300 grams of rabbit meat, oriental spices (curry, sweet pepper, coriander), skewers

What do you do? Chop all the vegetables. Start with frying the grounded ginger and chopped garlic. Add the onions. After a minute or three add the potatoes, carrot and pepper. Fry shortly. Add the stock and cook for 20 minutes. Mix everything. When mixed, pour it through a sieve. In the meantime, roast the coriander seeds and crush the seeds with a pestle in a mortar. Finish the soup with the crushed coriander, grounded pepper and salt.

Slice the rabbit meat and put it on a skewer. Fry the skewer in a bit of butter, spice the meat with a bit of oriental spices. I also finished the soup with some whipped cream and freshly grounded black pepper.