Sometimes I wonder if I ever will have a garden just  like all the grandfathers. Did you ever notice that there aren’t a lot of grandfathers without a garden? My girlfriend and I, we still have both our grandfathers and they all have a nice garden with fruit and vegetables. Some of them have a garden with a lot of herbs, others have a garden with a lot of vegetables. One of them has a very tidy garden without weeds, others have more weeds than vegetables. According to me, it doesn’t matter at all how they work in their gardens. The big advantage for me and for the other grandchildren is that we always get so many fruits and vegetables. One of my grandfathers is a specialist in baby potatoes and pumpkins. The other one is a strawberry specialist. Every year he has more than 60 kilograms of strawberries. One of my girlfriend her grandfathers has a very big garden with even an orchard with pears, apples and peaches. You can’t imagine how many bushes with raspberries he has. Cabbages, tomatoes, sprouts, lettuce, potatoes, strawberries, onions, walnuts, spinach, eggs…he has it all. He even has chardonnay grapes. Last weekend, I spent some time with him in his garden. So he gave me some little presents. Just look at the pictures and enjoy.

I really like the idea of using the vegetables of the time of the year. It’s healthy and better for the environment. Thanks to my grandfathers I can do this and make so many things. In honor to them and to their gardens – and because they are just very nice people -, I will organize a special week. Every day of this week I will make something with the vegetables they gave me. I will try to use as much as possible in every meal. Every day I will give you the recipe and the ingredients. How does that sound?

If you still aren’t convinced, here’s a little teaser of my first dish.