Tomorrow the gates of my favorite cooking school will open again. It’s time for the second year of the Spermalie gourmet cooking course. Last year, I followed the starters course. The subject of this year is “main dishes with meat and dessert”. Sounds good to me. Our chef will be Jurgen Baumann. No need to convince you of the fact that I’m really looking forward to the next year.

If it would be just as good as last year, I would be already more than satisfied. Besides the fact that we will have another chef, there’s another thing that changes. Last year, my course was on Thursday evening, but now it will be on Tuesday. Don’t be afraid, I will keep on posting my reports and pictures.

Just because it was such a great year, I will give you my top 5 of the best pictures and recipes of  2011-2012.

1. Ricotta Mousse with red fruit coulis and a delicious cookie.

This is probably the dish I made the most. (Ricotta Mousse)

2. Monkfish with a sauce of cider and periwinkles (Ned.: Alikruiken)

Last year, we had a lot of different teachers.  A new chef arrived in February. With this dish, especially the sauce, he really blew me away. (Monkfish)

3. Pain perdu “speculoos” with papaya and lavender ice

On the evening we made this tasteful dessert, we also made two other delicious dishes: in my opinion the best fish stew I ever ate and a splended milk-fed lamb. A true 3-0 for Spermalie. (Pain perdu)

4. Chocolate Moelleux

This picture is one the best pictures I made last year. That’s what we call a perfect moelleux. (Moelleux)

5. Shrimp croquette

This was really one of the best croquettes I ever tried. The secret? Fresh shrimps, homemade shrimp stock and a lot of work. (croquette)

If you want to see all the reports and pictures, just click on Spermalie Cooking Course 2011-2012. It was really hard to make this top 5. There were so many delicious recipes and good-looking pictures. I forgot the safran sauce, the lamb sausage roll, the rice roll with salmon, the vanilla ice cream, the apple pistachios cake, etc. My knifes and my camera are ready. Spermalie, I think it’s time to finally open your gates.