3…2…1…we have a liftoff. The gates are open, Spermalie II is launched. The commander is chef Jurgen Baumann, the crew consists of 17 people: 4 men a 14 women. The youngest is 25 years, the oldest 58 years. It’s a bit crowded in our spacecraft. There is some awkwardness, because the biggest part of the crew knows each other from the former launch, Spermalie I. So the other ones are still a bit timid. The mission is the same as the previous trip. The only difference is that Spermalie II has to fly higher and further. The trip to Planet “Meat and dessert” will be hard and difficult, but the crew of Spermalie II is ready and well-prepared.

The start was promising, but hesitantly: the captain proved that he is a very good teacher and a very experienced cook; the first dishes were delicious, but not yet overwhelming and mind-blowing; the crew is still a bit divided.

These are the first dishes of Spermalie II.

The first dish was a small appetizer: Cucumber Espuma, with marinated tomatoes and fresh shrimps. Fresh, easy to make and a perfect appetizer for on a hot summer evening, if you ask me.

The main dish was guinea fowl. We used a new cooking technique. First, we vacuum drawn the poor bird, then we cooked it for 13 minutes on 62°C and at last we fried it for half a minute on each side in a bit of brown butter. The result was a piece of tender and perfectly cooked meat. We served it with potatoes, cooked in chicken stock with a piece of smoked bacon (splendid!), mashed carrots (mind-blowing!), green beans and a Madeira sauce made of homemade calf stock (delicious!).

As dessert we had homemade vanilla ice cream, strawberry coulis and lemon cookies. Indeed, this isn’t the most mind-blowing dessert I already made, but believe me, it tasted very good. You can’t buy this ice cream. The lemon cookies are also something I will make for sure.

The dishes were good, the chef is very good…the gates are open, Roger.