Most of my blog posts are a lot of work to read. This time, it won’t be long one. The pictures don’t need a lot of comments, because they just say it all. They only need a short introduction. When I registered myself for my cooking course, I had the opportunity to buy some new toys for the kitchen. It was a lot cheaper than in the store. So I bought different things, like a small and a big kitchen knife, a peeler and a fillet knife. You could also engrave your name for free. A name on your knifes is very useful, because everyone has the same knifes and sometimes a knife disappears. So they engraved my knifes. Good job, Mr. Zwilling! I’m very happy with my Zwilling knifes. They are very sharp, as you will see on the pictures. So here’s a little “knife’s tale”.

Team Zwilling – Team Tomato: 0 – 0

Team Zwilling – Team Tomato: 1 – 0

Team Finger – Team Zwilling: 0 – 1

Team Zwilling – Team Luigi: 0 – 1