Cheesecake, I just start making it half a year ago, but I’m a big fan of it. Easy to make, you don’t need an oven and they taste – normally – very good.

 What do we need? For the bottom: 40 grams of speculaas (kind of caramelised biscuit), 40 grams of unsalted crackers, 30 grams of butter (take it out the fridge 30 minutes before making the cake) and 30 grams of peanut butter

For the batter: 160 grams of ricotta cheese, 160 grams of mascarpone, 50 grams of powdered sugar, 1dl cream, one packet of vanilla sugar, 1 ½ gelatin sheets, 120 grams white chocolate, juice of ½ lemon, blueberries. – a 20 cm or 26 cm diameter cake pan – a fridge

What do we do?

Take the speculaas and the crackers. Cut, chop, break or mix it into very small pieces. If the butter is soft, mix it with the broken speculaas crackers. You can always put the butter a minute or two in the microwave. Be careful that it doesn’t boil or gets burned. So one advice: start with 30 seconds and just feel if it’s soft enough to mix it. Also add the peanut butter to your cookie and butter mix. Fill your bottom with the mixture and let it stiffen in the fridge.

While the cookie and butter mixture is in the fridge, start with mixing the ricotta cheese, mascarpone and powdered sugar in a bowl. Take 2 Tblsp. of your cream and put them away. Whip the rest of the cream together with the vanilla sugar with a whisk or with a electric hand whisk. You can always add some normal sugar to get it whipped easier.

Now it’s time to heat your two Tblsp. of cream. Use a pan or the microwave. Add the gelatine to a bowl with cold water. When the sheets are soft, add them to your hot cream and stir until it’s solved. Watch out that you don’t see any little gelatine pieces anymore, ‘cause that tastes disgusting. Now put the gelatine and cream mix and the whipped cream into the cheese mixture.  Melt the chocolate “au bain marie”and stir this into the mixture. Give your cheese mix some more taste with some lemon juice.

Now take your cake pan with the cookie bottom and fill it up with the cheese mixture. Add blueberries into the cheese, or just add them on top of the cake. Cover the cake with some aluminium foil, so the odors of your fridge don’t get into the cake. Put it at least three hours in the fridge. You can always put it in the freezer for a couple minutes.

Instead of blueberries, you can of course use strawberries, raspberries or cherries.

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