Cooking course 1/12/11

Again 3-0 for chef René D and Spermalie.

3 small appetizers: easy to make, but very tasteful

1. a small roll of smoked salmon and homemade herb butter

2.  deep-fried shrimps with feta and olives

3. little basket with escargots and mushrooms

more pictures of the appetizers (click)

Main dish: Saddle of hare with pistachios, clementine and parsnip

I always really liked the flavour of hare. But that’s not the only thing. The croquettes were filled with a special kind of bacon and the breadcrumbs were mixed with some pistachios. A delicious combination, if you ask me. Also the purée of parsnip mixed with juice of clementine was very tasty. I will try this at home for sure.


Dessert: ice-cream soufflé of Drambuie

A delicious dessert, so it was 3-0 again.