a “fantastic” product review

A product review

Today i bought a new tool to use in the kitchen. Nothing special, but after using it one time I liked it already. My chef of the cooking course at Spermalie told me about it. I’m talking about a thermometer. Not just one that you need, when you are sick, but one you can use in the kitchen.

I bought it in a small Swedish store in Ghent. The name is Fantast and it cost only € 6,99. No, i don’t have any interests or shares in that company. It’s just a very useful tool.

what’s in the pan?

You can set the temperature as you want. When the meat reaches the temperature it needs, an alarm goes off. For example, turkey is ready around 76°C – 80°C.

You can also use it for cakes, ribeye , beef, …  For example, the “temperaturs of beef” is

  • “bleu” or rare 45°C – 50°C”
  • “saignant” or medium 55°C – 58°C
  • “à point” or medium rosé 60°C – 68°C
  • “bien cuit” or well done more than 70 °C

For other temperatures, have a look at Barbecue Magazine (in Dutch) or Amazing Ribs (in English)

a fantast and a turkey

The Fantast Thermometer also has a timer and even a magnet, so you can put it on the fridge. There is only one disadvantage: you can’t switch it on or off. So you have to take out the battery. But for only € 6,99 euro I don’t think you can complain about this. I know that one opinion is not always reliable, so i looked for some other opinions.

So, the decision is yours.