It’s Thursday today, but because it’s holiday I can’t offer you pictures of delicious dishes. Instead of those pictures I have to talk with you about some small things. Don’t be afraid, I will not share whole my life with you.

But last sunday we went to the “Bloemenmarkt” in Ghent. Every Sunday you can find the flower Market on the Kouter, a big square in Ghent. There is also a very “classy” bar with oysters and wine and a mobile coffee bar. We didn’t eat there, because we went to a breakfast and coffee bar Pain Perdu. (I’m writing a review and next week it will be online.) The market is very nice and we bought, don’t be surprised, flowers and plants. One of our plants is a red pepper plant.

And yes, you can eat the little red monsters. It’s the perfect “preparation” or “acclimatization” for my stomach, because in less than two months me and my girlfriend are going to Thailand. If someone knows a good place where you can follow a one day Thai Cooking course, yes in Thailand, please let me know. ( We both really like the Southeast Asian Cuisine, so it’s one of my goals to find and participate in a cooking course.

There are some strange people over there…