Maybe you know it, maybe you don’t, but Colruyt is a name of a warehouse in Belgium. And today they have, at this moment probably “had”, a special beer “Westvleteren 12°”. It’s a limited edition, and of course whole Belgium went to that shop to buy the Westvleteren. I didn’t, and so I will not talk about that beer.’Cause there is also another limited edition in that shop, a limited edition of Lay’s, a brand of potato crisps.

They organized a little competition to find a new kind of flavor. And now they have two finalists: Bicky Crisp vs. Indian Curry. Bicky is a famous kind of hamburger in Belgium, made by Beckers. I really like a Bicky Burger. When we were students, we ate it a lot.

But I don’t like the flavor of the Bicky crisp. You smell Pickles, it looks like Pickles and it tastes like Pickles. Some other friends also tried it and none of us could recognize the taste of yellow or red sauce. Maybe our taste buds may not work. But we couldn’t find the unique taste of a Bicky Burger.

So we said, we will try the Indian Curry. Probably that will be our winner. But also this flavor was a disillusion. I’m really into the Indian Cuisine, the Indian Spices, Curries, … But this flavor wasn’t so special.

I’m really sorry, Mister Lay’s, but me and some of my friends are not a big fan. I’m sure we will probably never buy your winner. Your salt, that’s still our favorite.

I know you are not afraid of my blog or my influence on the Belgian Lay’s Fans. And that’s your right. But it’s also my right to talk about this limited edition. And Mister Lay’s, please read the Black Weekend Knack of last week (26 oktober 2011, pg. 66-67/ you can also read the whole magazine, but probably you are a very busy person, so page 66-67 is enough.)

Geert Zagers is talking about potato crisps.* Nowadays, more and more people do not want to choose between hundred kinds of flavors. They just want to go back to the “Adam and Eve” of the potato crisps flavors, the two original ones, the basic, the salt and the pepper. I really hope Mr. Geert Zagers isn’t wrong, because why do we need hundred of medium quality crisps, if we have two high quality kind of crisps?

*(vrije vertaling van “In een chipsgamma van roasted chicken & thyme, cream & spices en tai sweet chili, durft een mens al eens hunkeren naar een tijd waarin er enkel zout en paprika was, Geert Zagers, Weekend Knack, pg 67)