Cooking course: 3 – 0

Yesterday, it was Spermalie time again. And what an evening! After we prepared, cooked and ate everything, we, with all the members agreed: “this was the best evening since the beginning of the lessons.” The 3 delicious dishes were sometimes easy to make and with a good looking plate, sometimes hard to make and very tasteful.

Starter 1: smoked salmon, prawns and curry

It’s not a lot of work, you can make it in advance and it looks so nice. The dish is light but tasteful. This makes it a perfect starter.

Starter 2: Cauliflower Purée with pesto and scallops

I’m used to make pesto, as you probably already noticed (nr 1 and nr 2). But the pesto in this dish, made from hazelnuts, chervil and basil was one of the best I ever ate. I learned that if you add your cheese in the beginning, you have a thick pesto. That’s because your blender or mixer warms your cheese, it starts melting and it gets thicker. If you add it the last, like we did, you get a more runny or liquid pesto. But enough about pesto. Also this dish was a winner.

More pictures, you can find on flickr.

Main dish: Guinea Fowl with apple, cranberries and white grapes

When I saw the recipe, I said: “no, again a bird”. But again, it was a very tasteful bird. It’s a lot of work to make it, but it’s worth making it.

More pictures, you can find on flickr.