Yesterday was a thursday evening and as you know, thursday evening is “cooking course evening”. Maybe last night you couldn’t sleep, ’cause you were wondering “what did Pierre make?”. Well, have a look at pictures and you will have the answer.

A fennel soup with frog’s legs and Ricard

Yes, i know it…

I’m sorry for all the little frogs and the people who are against it, but the soup was really delicious.

The legs are waiting…

The legs are waitingThe legs are served…

Cod with tarragon sauce and quenelles of sun dried tomatoes

I never tried to mix sun dried tomatoes with potatoes, but it was very good. Normally you have to make duchess potatoes, but the quenelles were also ok.

Chopped sun dried tomatoes

dinner is ready…

Orange Bavarian cream with a mirror of Pisang Ambon and raspberry coulis

It was the first time i made Bavarian Cream. Normally i really like desserts, but to be honest, i didn’t really like the taste of the Pisang Ambon. The taste was too strong. Next time i will probably try it with raspberry or strawberry.

Some notes:

See more pictures

– A perfect song for making the Bavarian Cream

– Don’t use the legs of this green frog