Cooking course: the third evening

As you maybe know, i’m following a cooking course at Spermalie Cooking School in Ghent. One of our chefs is René De Baets. Every week, on thursday evening, we make a starter, a soup and a main dish. Sometimes, like yesterday, we make a dessert instead of a starter. For the first time i took my (old) camera with me. I will put the recipes online soon, but first i show you some pictures.

Starter: spring roll with Parma ham and foie gras, carrot-ginger cream and salsa of black olives

This dish is also possible as a appetizer. We also made it with smoked salmon instead of ham and foie gras. To be honest, i prefer the smoked salmon one.

Main Dish: Tournedos of Monkfish with leek puree and white wine sauce

Dessert: An almond pastry tart, a chocolate cake with hazelnut biscuit and Amaretto ice cream and meringue

We made the almond pastry tart and the ice cream. The chocolate cake was a leftover from another course.