Lamb sausage roll

Last week I invited some friends for my first 3-course menu of 2012. As an appetizer I made something I learned in Spermalie: a sausage roll with lamb. It’s really easy to make, but because it’s with lamb, it’s not just “another sausage roll”.

 What do you need? (6 persons)

300 gr Minced meat of a cute little bleating white lamb – coriander – 1 (or 2 if you like it hot) red chili pepper  – pepper and salt – 2 eggs – chive – two or three cloves of garlic – bread crumbs – shallot – puff paste

What do you do?

Mix the meat, shallot, chive, garlic, coriander and peppers. Add the eggs and bread crumbs. Make a roll, put it in a puff paste jacket. Rubb it in with some mixture of water and egg yolk, also called “dorure”. Sting with fork in the paste and put it in the oven on 190°C. Enjoy your meal!

Feel free to put it in chronological order: