Spermalie, an other evening of 2012

It’s already a long time ago that I wrote something about Spermalie. I couldn’t go to the last course before the Easter holidays and that’s almost three weeks ago. The next cooking course is Thursday, I can’t wait to go. While cleaning my hard disk, I found some pictures of the last cooking course evening. I didn’t share the pictures yet. So this is the report of the last cooking course, I went. You know already the concept: 3 courses, one chef, 15 “students”.

We started with a shellfish soup with spicy pancakes. It was ok, but it wasn’t a winner for me.

The second dish was a starter. It was called “Purée of parsley root, hand-peeled shrimps, smoked eel and coulis of mint“. I didn’t know you could use the root of parsley. The dish looked nice and tasted very good, so this dish was a real winner. The last dish is the dish you can see on the first picture on top of this post. This was the main dish, we made cannelloni of cod and smoked salmon with a saffron sauce and a sauce of sorrel. Also this dish was a winner. It looks nice, it tastes good and you can also use it as a starter or an appetizer. In conclusion: Spermalie wins again, 2-1. 

The second year asked me to take pictures of their food. The next pictures are the starter and the dessert. Now you know why I want to go to the second year. 😉