Spermalie, first Thursday of 2012

Friends, followers, foodies,

My last post is already 3 weeks ago, but in the meantime there happened a lot. Nicolas S. and Angela M. tried to save the E.U., the first pre-election started in the U.S.A., a New Zealand ship broke apart, some journalists got shot in Syria and Michelle Obama acted in iCarly. Beside that, also 2012 started, a Belgian band made a crazy cover of “I follow rivers” and I went to Thailand. Yes, indeed I went to a – famous for drugs, s*x and “cheap women” – country. Luckily that are not the only “qualities” of Thailand. I’m working on a post about those qualities, but that post is still “under construction”. Just like my New Year’s letter, it will be online soon.

My first post will show you some pictures of the first cooking course of 2012. In small groups, together with chef TImothy C. we made a lot of small appetizers. First we made an oyster with spinach and a sabayon of white wine.

The second appetizer was a sausage roll of lamb with red pepper, coriander and garlic.

The third one was a crème brulée of foie and then little risotto balls. We also made some desserts, like a French cake “miserable“. It’s delicious.

The last dessert was a simple moelleux au chocolat. Because I made the moeulleux, I’m a little bit proud on it. It’s really the best one I ever ate. With some homemade ice, it’s just a perfect little dessert for a Sunday afternoon or a Saturday evening.

Two other things we made and ate, were cones with brunoise of scallops and bread.


Thanks to chef Timothy, it was a very nice cooking evening.