The last five days

Since Thursday I’m a quarter century. And since Thursday a lot happened. I made my own birthday cake, a lemon pie (recipe will be online soon).

 I went to a great restaurant in Ghent, C-Jean. Delicious and dazzling dishes and a great service, a perfect match if you ask me. Friday my girlfriend and I, we drove to Lille, a big city in the North of France. It’s a very nice city, a lot of beautiful historical buildings, some delicious places for foodies, like L’Huiterie, a fish shop or Patisserie Meert, a bakery and a chocolate paradise.

We bought some macarons at Patrick Hermand. They were ok, but I have to say that the macarons of Joost Arijs are much better.

Friday I tasted whisky at a pub in Ghent, called The Glengarry. Saturday I went to an Indian restaurant in Ghent, called, Raj. And last but not least, today I made a dessert for my parents and grandparents to celebrate my birthday. I will write down the recipes of each part of the dish in the next days. Except the hazelnut sorbet, everything was ok. Five crazy days and a lot to write down. Have a good night.