10 Months of cooking course makes friends. Every Thursday evening with the same people creates a bond. So after the last evening in Bruges (remember), we decided to meet again. Frank, one of our cooking colleagues, is a French wine expert. He suggested to organise a little wine tasting. He would explain what he knows and we would taste the wine. A perfect match, if you ask me.

I don’t know anything about wine. This gap in my knowledge is a problem when you like to cook for people. I always have to ask someone for the perfect wine and food match. That’s why I want learn more about wine, but also about beer and whisky. Thanks to events like the whisky and food battle or  the Tour of Flanders I slowly fill the gap. Thursday I will also attend my first #winetwunch, an evening where wine lovers gather together and share their wines and wine knowledge. Just like the #winetwunch, Frank his idea was great opurtunity to learn more about wine. Practice makes perfect, you know.

Frank his favorite wine region is the region of Mâconnais. Mâcon, the main village of the Mâconnais, is not only famous because of his rally race. (Where is Mâcon?) It’s also a city with a great wine tradition. This region is situated along the banks of the river Saône. Red and, most of all, white wine is cultivated. The grape is the Chardonnay.

We tasted different white and red wines.

A. The white wines:

– Mâcon Azé, 2010 (Medaille d’or, Paris)

– Mâcon Loché, Domaine Perraton frères, 2009

– Mâcon Chaintré, Perraton Chaintré

– Saint-Véran, Charnay-les-Mâcon, Roche-de-Solutré (Medaille d’argent, 2010) ****

– Saint-Véran, Domaine Corsin, 2010 ****

– Pouilly Fuissé, Domaine Perraton Frères, Los Reissier 2010

– Pouilly Fuissé, Aux Chailloux, Domaine Corsin

B. Sparkling wines:

– Crémant de Bourgogne, blanc des blancs, Cave d’Azé

– Crémant de Bourgogne, Cuvée imperial, Cave Charray-les-Mâcon, Pinot Noir/Chardonnay

– Crémant de Bourgogne, De Chastenay, Cuvée Victorine, brut *****

C. Red wines:

– Beaujolais-villages, Rouge Emotion, 2009

– Fleurie, Domaine des Nugues, Les Pasquiers, 2010

– Côte de Brouilly, cave du Chateau des Loges, Le perreon crude beaujolais, 2010

– Beaujolais Villages Convillages, Cuvée de la Saint Martin, Mâcon Villages, 2009

The wines with **** are my favorite ones. I’m sorry if something is written wrong.