Damn, that’s longtime ago that I wrote something. I’ve had some busy days, my apologies. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen last week: cooking with beer, for my parents, for friends. I was cooking so much that I forgot to show you what I made on my last cooking course.

Tonight it’s Spermalie 2.6 so it’s the right moment to show you 2.5. It’s worth to show it, because it was a very good cooking course. You will see why.

The first dish was a crispy basket with Goat Cheese, honey and rosemary. It was served with rocket salad and tomatoes. This recipe is not mind-blowing, but it’s an original new interpretation of  a salad with Goat cheese. I already made it for some guests and they all liked it.

The main dish contained young partridge (Ned. Patrijs), grapes, cannelloni of green cabbage and bacon (Ned. Katenspek) and salsify on three different ways. Salsify (Ned. Schorseneren) or goatsbeard is a delicious vegetable. We deep-fried it, we made chips of it and we made a kind of salve. All three were great ideas. The dish was delicious and I liked the decoration very much. According to me, however, it was a bit too creamy. I would replace the cream sauce by a normal brown sauce. The cannelloni was a great idea, though.

The dessert was a carrot and hazelnut cake, with Bailey’s chocolate ice cream. It was easy, but not bad at all.

In the upcoming week I will share some new recipes I made at home. Don’t forget that you can still participate at my contest “survival of the herbest”. Guess the names of my herbes, and maybe I will send you a jar of pesto…homemade pesto of course.