The sixth evening of my cooking course was a great evening with delicious dishes. There weren’t only delicious, but also good-looking. Our first dish was a starter, that also could be served as an appetizer. We made little rolls of smoked salmon filled with a mousse of rocket salad, served with a mix of different kinds of lettuce and a shallot vinegar.

It was a very light and fresh starter. The mousse was well seasoned and matched very good with the smoked salmon. It’s something that I will make at home, that’s for sure.

Our main dish was impressive. On my plate I found a caramelized apple, a fillet of deer with a crust of chestnuts, a sauce with speculaas and mashed celeriac. I really like the flavor of deer. It’s a strong taste with a lot of character. Deer is surely one of my favorite kinds of meats. The sauce with speculaas and the crust with chestnuts were also great delicious ideas. According to me this is one of the best dishes we already made.

The last dish was again a dessert. Together with three other students I made this dish. It was chocolate and orange cake served with ice cream of mint. You have to admit that it looks awesome, don’t you think? Of course, also the taste was awesome.

It’s the first time that I’m sure that I will make everything at home. There wasn’t a thing that I didn’t like. So if you ever come and have diner at my place, I will maybe make this for you.