Spermalie, fourth evening of 2012

It’s already two weeks ago I gave you an update about my Spermalie cooking course. Last week it was my birthday and I didn’t go. Thursday I went back.

Starter: Foie gras with a white sausage and apple

Dear animal activists, Thursday my chef just decided to make foie gras. It wasn’t my fault. So please don’t shoot me. Normally I even don’t eat foie gras.

Why? Because I just don’t like the taste. Thursday I tasted a bit, because my mother always learned me that you always have to taste something before you say “yes” or “no”. I can tell you that my neighbor was very happy with the biggest part of my foie gras.
Apart from the foie gras issue, I really liked the white sausage, apple and butternut chips and the presentation of the plate.

As a main dish we made river eel with a shellfish sauce. I know you don’t see eel on the picture. That’s because the school didn’t have eel, so we had to use fresh tongue fish. No problem, if you ask me.

The dessert was a crumble of gingerbread with gingerbread ice cream. I really liked the ice cream. Maybe it’s because I was “responsible” for the ice cream, who knows.

It was a delicious evening, again.

I also have some positive news about next year. I know that Abraham Lincoln ever said “The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” One day a time, indeed, Mr. President, but I can tell you already one thing. Next year I will follow the second grade of the Spermalie Cooking Course. The subject is “the preparation of meat dishes and desserts”. So be prepared for another year of Thursday evening updates.