An old recipe revisited

Today I looked in my fridge and noticed that I had some leftovers: bread, ricotta cheese, pine nuts, fresh basil and sundried tomatoes. The sun was also shining so hard, that I almost had the feeling being in Italy. Sun and leftovers, a perfect match for pesto, so I made … a red pesto. I know my first post was about pesto and how to make it. This time I liked my red pesto more than the older one.

What do you need? some fresh basil, sundried tomatoes (if you have time, it’s better to peel them), olive oil, oil of the sun dried tomatoes, two tbsp. ricotta cheese, two tbsp parmigiano cheesethree tbsp. pine nuts, black pepper, salt, one clove of garlic

What do you do? Roast the pine nuts and first. Toast the bread. Add the basil, tomatoes, olive oil, oil of the sun dried tomatoes, pepper and salt in a blender and mix it. After a while add the cheese. Don’t add the cheese when you mix it a first time. Your cheese will melt a bit and your pesto will get thicker. Take the bread, the pesto and finish with freshly grounded parmigiano or black pepper and some pine nuts. Booyah!

PS: An other advantage of pesto is that you can use it for a lot of things. For supper I had for example an easy pasta with red pesto, smoked salmon and broccoli (I’m sorry, not the best picture) and someone will also get a little culinary present today.