Tortilla chips with a spicy dip

You probably know the feeling. It’s a cold evening, you just want to lie sprawled in your sofa, eat some tortilla chips while watching your favorite TV show. You can buy tortilla chips and a dip but you could also make your own dip and chips. Last week I had that feeling, but I didn’t have time to make my own chips. So I just made a dip. The next recipe is easy to make but the result is a tasty appetizer. You don’t need a lot, maybe eight ingredients. All the ingredients are also things you normally have. 

What do you need? 1 egg yolk, oil, salt, pepper, paprika, mustard, vinegar and sambal oelek.

What do you do? Start with a mayonnaise. Take one egg yolk and add a couple of oil drops. Mix it together using a whisk. After a while add a little bit more oil and a tsp of mustard and a tsp of vinegar. Continue adding oil bit by bit until the mayonnaise has reached the proper consistency. Add paprika, salt, pepper and sambal oelek. I can’t tell you how much sambal oelek. Just add and taste till it’s spicy enough for you.

Just like I said, it’s a really easy and fast recipe. I really ever want to make my own tortilla chips. If someone has a recipe, please let me know.