My  baby, she’s gone. After years of hard working, whipping, blending, chopping, she unfortunately died. Years of loyal support in my kitchen are over. She was always there when I needed help in the kitchen. My dear Silvercrest hand blender, my loyal servant, she’s gone.

The problem was that I really needed a hand blender to make my dessert for the Food Revolution Picnic. So, I bought a new one. It was a hard decision and I doubted a minute about buying a Bamix. Although it’s probably the Usain Bolt of the blenders,  it’s just too much money. I wanted something like my dear Silvercrest with a chopper tool, but more powerful.

It was a hard decision, because they had so many choice. Braun, Philips, Kenwood, they all juggle with the most options, the sharpest blades, the most powerful motor and the most beautiful design.

I finally took the plunge and bought a Philips HR1617/90. The blender  has 650 Watt, which is more than the double of my old Silvercrest. I first wanted to show you a speed test between the Silvercrest and my new Philips, but I think the result would be obvious.

I know that compare to a Bamix, my Philips is just Sogelau Tuvalu (Who the h*ll is Sogelau Tuvalu? Watch this). However I’m sure that if I would compare my old Silvercrest with my new Philips, the Philips would be the real Thunderbolt of my kitchen. So I’m happy with what I bought and I’m looking forward to hopefully again a lot of years with this little “Lightning Bolt”.

Just for the sport fans: the real Thunderbolt in action. Damn, that guy is so fast.