[dropcap size=dropcap-big]L[/dropcap]ast week I had to make a birthday cake again. Because the friend only liked cheesecakes, I didn’t have a lot of choice. So … I made a cheesecake.

What do you need? for the Base: 110 g Speculaas biscuits, 40 g crackers, 1 Tbsp speculaas spread, 40 g butter; For the Topping: 300 g mascarpone, 250 g ricotta cheese, 2 dl cream, 2 limes: juice and zest, a fresh Vanilla Pod, 3 sheets of gelatin; For the Coulis: 100 g strawberries, 2 sheets of gelatin, Juice of half a lemon; 1 Tbsp powdered sugar. 24 cm cake spring mould.

What do you do? It’s pretty easy to make this kind of cake. You don’t need an oven and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Start with the biscuit base. Crumble the speculaas biscuits and the crackers. Mix with the speculaas spread and the (soft) butter. Pour the mixture in the cake mould. Place it in the fridge.

Mix the mascarpone with the ricotta cheese, the juice and zest of the limes. Keep a bit of the cream aside. Whip the rest of the cream until it has the texture of a thick yoghurt. Soak the gelatin in cold water. Heat the bit of cream, you kept aside. Melt the soaked gelatin in the hot cream. When melted, pour in the cheese mixture. Cut the Vanilla pod in half lengthwise. Scratch out the beans into the cheese. Mix everything very well and pour on the biscuit base.  Place it again in the fridge.

Blend the strawberries. Soak the gelatin in cold water. Heat the blended strawberries with the lemon juice and the powdered sugar. Melt the gelatin in the hot juice. Turn the heat down. When lukewarm, pour on top of the cheesecake. Place it in the fridge for an hour or two.

Serve and enjoy!