[dropcap size=dropcap-big]T[/dropcap]uesday is cooking course night. After a two-week break, I went back to the cooking school. It was again a splendid evening. What did we make?

The first dish was a starter. We made a little chicory tart with Ganda ham, veal sweetbreads, Jonagold and champagne butter. A big disadvantage is that this dish is a lot of work. It’s possible to make a lot in advance, but still it takes time to prepare everything. According to me veal sweetbreads are also too expensive and a lot of work to clean. I agree that this meat is really delicious, but I don’t know if I would use them at home. It’s also not the cheapest kind of meat, of course. Although I have a lot of critique, I have to admit that the dish was delicious. The combination of the salty ham, the sweet apple and the delicious Cava sauce made it a great starter.

Our main dish was pike-perch with tomato, zucchini, a sauce of carrot with fennel seed and Vanilla oil. It’s a really easy dish. The creamy sauce of carrot with fennel seed made it special, though. Also the oil mixed with Vanilla beans gave it an extra touch. It’s a dish to remember, that’s for sure.

As dessert we made and ate granito of lemongrass and limoncello with fresh pineapple, Vanilla crumble, a coconut-lime biscuit and Champagne zabaione. It was – yes I know, again – a delicious dessert. Fresh, light and good-looking, that’s how we like it. 3-0 for Chef Jurgen.